Get a Straight Smile Discreetly with ClearCorrect in North Richland Hills

R. Renan Williams DDS wants you to know that you don’t have to live with a crooked, misaligned smile any longer. In our North Richland Hills dentist office, Dr. Williams offers our patients orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect. There are several big benefits that ClearCorrect treatment gives you, including:

Doctor R.R. Williams on Clear Correct Read Transcript
  • An aesthetically pleasing straight smile to feel confident in.
  • Lasting results in as little as 12 months.
  • Straight teeth without a mouthful of metal.
  • Appearance of better health and vitality.
  • Discreet treatment without the embarrassment of silver brackets and wires.

Call us today to schedule an appointment: (817) 435-1337. You could have a straight smile this time next year! Our office is easy to find at 5104 Eldorado Drive – just off Grapevine Highway.

Discover a Faster & Easier Way to a Gorgeous Smile

You may only be familiar with standard metal braces. If so, you need to know about the ClearCorrect system – an innovative way to straighten teeth that our adult patients love. Treatment with ClearCorrect uses a series of clear, plastic teeth aligners without any metal. Best of all, they’re made right here in the Lonestar State!

The aligners are custom-fit just for you to exert gentle pressure on your teeth, gradually moving them into their proper positions. You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before switching to the next set. To keep things simple, Dr. Williams will provide you with several sets at each visit.

Since ClearCorrect’s aligners are made from high-quality plastic, they are more comfortable than braces. Most people don’t have any trouble getting used to them. Plus, they’re discreet – other people probably won’t notice them if you don’t say anything.

Our patients love that the aligners are easily removable for cleaning or for special occasions. Feel free to take them out if you have a big night planned – just pop them back in later. For the quickest and most effective results, wear the aligners about 22 hours each day during treatment.

Call (817) 435-1337 today to get straight teeth with ClearCorrect or to learn about any of our other cosmetic dentistry services. You can also contact us online. Enjoy a simpler way to get the smile you’ve been waiting for!

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