Get Relief From Your Dental Pain in North Richland Hills

If you’re tired of living with a painful mouth, then it’s time you contacted our North Richland Hills dentist office. R. Renan Williams DDS has many ways to relieve your dental pain so you can feel better soon. Dr. Williams’ expert care will:

  • Eliminate your pain so you can relax again.
  • Treat the underlying dental problem to provide lasting pain relief.
  • Catch and prevent other oral problems before they worsen.
  • Help you smile with confidence again.
  • Enable you to enjoy foods you may have been missing out on.
  • Improve your oral health for better health overall.

Call us now to get the relief you deserve: (817) 435-1337. For after-hours emergencies, call 817-239-6358. We are located at 5104 Eldorado Dr. – just around the corner from Riscky’s BAR-B-Q.

Enjoy Our Many Amenities

You will feel right at home when you visit our friendly office. We offer you several amenities, including:

  • Compassionate staff who will take time to walk you through your procedure and answer all your questions.
  • Sedation options to help you relax. Choose inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”) or oral conscious sedation with a small pill if you like.
    • Sunglasses so you can rest your eyes (you might even doze off).
    • Headphones so you can forget all about dentistry with your favorite music.
  • Warm blankets and moist towels to soothe your nerves.
  • Bottled water and lip balm for a touch of comfort.

Our Gentle Care Will Bring You Relief Soon

Your mouth will be pain-free soon with all the dental services we offer under one roof. Depending on your needs, you may get relief from one or more of these treatments:

  • Teeth fillings. We use tooth-colored composite fillings to repair and strengthen your teeth.
  • Root canal treatment. Your pain will stop, plus we may be able to save your diseased tooth.
  • Custom mouthguards. These comfortable oral appliances prevent teeth grinding and help eliminate TMJ discomfort.
  • Gum disease treatment. Our periodontal program will stop your pain and restore health to your gums with a deep cleaning, an antibacterial rinse, a VarioSonic toothbrush to take home, and follow-up periodontal (gum) exams.
  • Tooth extraction. We will try to repair and save a painful tooth if possible, but if necessary, we can gently extract it to stop your pain and protect your healthy teeth.

Call us now to get relief from dental pain: (817) 435-1337. Feel like yourself again soon!

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