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Regular dental cleanings and exams are the best way to keep your mouth healthy. Sometimes, however, oral surgery becomes necessary to preserve your smile and oral health. If you need a surgical procedure, you’ll be in good hands with Dr. R. Renan Williams – he has over three decades of practice experience! Having your procedure done in our North Richland Hills dentist office provides you these key benefits:

Doctor R.R.Williams on an overview of the oral surgery options available Read Transcript
  • Gentle, expert care to restore health to your mouth.
  • Your choice of three types of calming sedation.
  • A caring staff that will make sure your procedure goes smoothly.
  • Pain relief so you can relax and feel better soon.
  • Prevention of problems with your body’s overall health.
  • Ability to smile with confidence and eat comfortably again.

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You Have Choices When It Comes To Oral Surgery

Our goal for each of our patients is for them to leave our office feeling better and smiling bigger than when they came in. With that in mind, we approach our surgical care by prioritizing your needs. You’ll receive compassionate and personal dentistry through these procedures:

Doctor R.R. Williams on wisdom teeth removal Read Transcript
  • Tooth removal. We will always try to save your diseased or damaged tooth if possible. However, extraction is sometimes necessary to protect the health of your other teeth and gums. You can expect quick, gentle removal from our experienced team.
  • Wisdom tooth removal. For many of our patients, their incoming wisdom teeth become impacted, crowd their existing teeth, or present other problems. We will remove these third molars to eliminate pain and protect your oral and overall health.
  • Ridge augmentation. If you’re a candidate for dental implants but your jaw doesn’t have enough bone to support them, Dr. Williams can help. He will gently fold back your gums to insert bone growth material that will prepare your jaw for implants.

Relax With Our Sedation Options

With any of our surgical procedures, you always have your choice of relaxing sedation:

  • Laughing gas (inhaled sedation) that will give you a euphoric feeling and help you relax.
  • Oral sedation with a small pill we will prescribe beforehand. You’ll feel relaxed and slightly groggy, but you’ll remain awake.
  • IV sedation that will put you in a “twilight” state where you won’t remember much, if anything, about your procedure. We have a medical professional who comes into our office to safely administer this sedation.

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