Christi M. on why she loves coming to this practice

I love coming to his practice because first of all, he’s really great. I’ve had to have quite a bit of dental work done over the years, and he is great with pain management, and just how well I feel when I come in, and my comfort level. I can get a little anxious sometimes, when things start going on in my mouth. He is really great at always making sure that I’m comfortable, and relaxed, and also just the staff here, they’re great. My kids came here with me for years, and he was always great with them. There was never any anxiety about having to come to the dentist when they were kids.

For me, it’s a lot of just the feel that I get when I walk in the door. It’s comfortable, and it’s warm, it’s inviting. Chair-side manner is great, because he has a lot of great personality traits, I think, that just lend toward making you feel comfortable when you’re in that chair. He’s great about asking about your family, how are the kids doing, how are you feeling, anything much going on, how’s business going, all of that just lends to becoming really relaxed in the chair. Like I said, just with regard to as he’s working, and going through the process, especially like I’ve had things where I’ve had to be in the chair for quite a while, and just always making sure are you comfortable? Is everything going well? You feeling okay? Anything else that you need?

He’s been that way as long as I’ve known him, and like I said, he was always great with the kids, too.

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